Vertical counter-flow coolers

  • Vertical counter-flow cooler for mash

  • Vertical counter-flow cooler for mash

  • Vertical counter-flow cooler for pellets


  • First In First Out

  • Optimized filling rate

  • Output evenness

  • Reliability and simplicity

  • Control of the residence times and temperatures

  • Dynamic optimization of the exchange areas


  • Possibility of several levels to lower time waste between 2 batches

  • Thermal insulation

  • Built-in filters

  • Driven mechanically

  • Drying level

  • Extracting system by rotating flaps

  • Inerting by gas injection

  • Product layer levelling system


The cooler is designed to lower the temperature and moisture of the products to values close to ambient temperature.

This operation improves the durability and preservation of the pellets.


The RCCS is a machine with a simple and compact design.

It is designed to lower the maintenance costs, to limit the remaining particles that can contaminate the product or increase the amount of bacteria and mould.

The limited power cost results from an optimization of the internal air flow.

Several types and variants can meet any application with or without built-in filters.

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram


Vertical counter-flow coolers

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about our RCCG vertical counter-flow coolers