• Explosion vent on building frame

  • Explosion vent on hopper under pads filter


Stolz, a company complying with rules

With an over 60 years experience in cereal handling and storage, STOLZ has designed machines with the aim to avoid any risks.

STOLZ constantly keeps up with standards in order to comply with European and local regulations (European directive 2006/42/CE ‘Machines’, directive 2014/34/UE ‘ATEX’, directive 97/23/CE ‘Pressurized equipment’, etc.) and with harmonised IE2 / IE3 standard for motorisation

Constant research is conducted to fight against explosion risks by taking this constraint into account when designing our equipment in order to reduce dust emissions and overheating risks, optimize the equipment strength, integrate vents and discharge devices. A wide range of equipment will be then provided to be installed in dust or gas ATEX areas.