• Pilot grinding line

  • Laboratory and product samples testing

  • Tests on molasse

  • Mixing tests

  • Electrical cabinet


Test station

Consisting of 2 large halls dedicated to grinding and multi purpose, STOLZ  test station intends to be a modern tool for its customers and Research and Development engineers.

It carries out tests on pilot equipment and real machines with product batches of up to several tons.

The aim is to test under industrial conditions. Several machines are dedicated to that space: mixer, crumbler, hammermill, turbo sifter, flaker, multicracker, filter, pellet mill...

A laboratory offers to analyze results of one test accurately and to provide tests reports based on scientific data.

Isolated from the workshop and our offices, this station carries out tests on new processes on a confidential basis.

A meeting room, a wifi internet access, a changeroom equipped with a shower, and useful protection equipment are also provided. 

Fine grinding line

The grinding section of our test station is equipped with a fine grinding line including a complete pneumatic discharge.

Fully operational and fitted with real plant equipment, this grinding line offers to carry out complete tests from product batches suppplied by our customers.

It includes a fine hammermill RMF 14 with its ABMS feeder. A pneumatic transfer brings the cleaned product into a turbo sifter BCMT 600.

The whole unit is driven by supervision controlling entirely the line and the recording of a large amount of useful data of the test in progress (total power consumption of hammer mill, product capacity, dust wastes control, temperatures, load loss...).

Complete laboratory equipment carries out accurate measurements regarding the achieved product quality (particle size, moisture and oil rate,...).

Skilled staff is appointed to carry out tests control. Accustomed to process optimization, it has the experience of raw materials and various performance targets.