Screw conveyors

  • Archimedian screw conveyor

  • Petfood screw conveyor

  • Screw conveyors and elevators

  • Screw conveyor



2 types of screw conveyors :

  • Trough
  • Tubular

Conical extracting screws


The screw conveyor is designed using the screw conveyor principle for the handling and extracting or dosing of the granular and powdery products. The product is handled horizontally or sloped in a linear way.

Our wide range of standard screw conveyors allows capacities up to 300 m³/H.

For applications not included in this range, our Design Offices are qualified to develop specific screws meeting any requirements.


The spire usually includes a tube on which a continuous thread is welded.

They can be with pallets or ribbon.

The pitch can be :

  • Regular for product conveyance
  • Progressive for product extraction


  • Continuous pitch, with pallets or ribbon

  • Regular, progressive or conical pitch

  • Synthetic intermediate bearings

  • V ring joints or felt sealing


  • Bronze or cast bearings, with or without wearing shell

  • Sealing by gland with braids

  • Spire height adjustment


  • Fast closing flap for dosing

  • Valve with residues limitation

  • bottom doors

Safety devices

  • ATEX compliance 94/9/CE on demand

  • Rotation control

  • Clogging detection

  • Product flow detection


Screw conveyors

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about screw conveyors