Lump breaker

  • Lump breaker

  • Double rotor crusher


The lump breaker includes one or two rotors depending on the required capacity. It has two versions, coarse or fine, according to the required particle size.


  • Rotation sensor

  • Temperature probes on bearings


That machine can be installed in all product inlets (in bulk or in bags) when the particle size of a product that should be powdery is not guaranteed.

The crusher can be assembled in a circuit under a discharging hopper or a bag unloader but its purpose is not to turn a non friable raw material into powder.

The rotor

Constituted of a steel shaft, provided with braced discs, which support the special steel discs.

These offset discs have teeth with geometry inclined for the forcing of the passage produced between each interval.

The discs are spaced between them by guides assembled on the shaft.

The rotor turns on bearings brackets with bearing to kneecap on rollers placed outside on frame carrying and are separated from the sides of the machine.

Their lubrication is ensured by manual greasing devices, and direct drive by hollow shaft motor reducer.


Lump breaker

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about lump breakers