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Jul 2, 2013

Roquette Keokuk (USA)

For ROQUETTE group STOLZ designed a factory in the USA capable of producing up to 700 tons per day of pellets.

Roquette USA, Convoyeurs à chaînes.

STOLZ replaced one of the units of ROQUETTE GROUP in the USA.

That factory will be able to produce 700 tons per day of pellets with corn co-products.

The design, manufacturing, coordination and assembly on site of such installation and equipment were provided by STOLZ.

A total of  2 grinding lines, 2 pelleting lines, 2 mixing troughs of 15 m³, 15 chain conveyors, 14 screw conveyors, 3 bucket elevators, and 1 pneumatic conveying system were delivered and most of the equipment is made from stainless steel 316L.