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Jan 5, 2013

Increase of capacity for PROVAL

Proval has choosed STOLZ to supply the mechanical handling of the 6 new silos of their site at Reunion Island.

Proval, La Réunion, vue des silos et de la tour élévateur.

STOLZ is finalizing the increase of capacity of the raw material bins of the Proval factory (URCOOPA group).

That factory is located on the Reunion Island and produce animal feed (cattle, poultry, sheeps,...). 6 new bins has been built and a new material reception pit has been designed to receive raw materials (wheat, corn,...) and to transfert them by chain conveyors and bucket elevators to the bins at a capacity of 100 to 200 m³/h.

The draining of silos is done by planetary extractor and mechanical handling and fill the dosing cells of the factory.

video of the fabrication process of URCOOPA is available on their web site.