Twin shafts paddle mixer

  • Twin-shaft batch mixer

  • Twin shaft batch mixer in food compliant stainless steel

  • Quality control of a stainless steel batch mixer

  • Stainless steel twin shafts batch mixer

  • Stainless steel twin shafts batch mixer


Laws of gravity challenged

Lack of segregation due to a wide range of bulk densities, of particle sizes or shapes.

Accurate mixing

  • Minor components without premixing : 10 ppm,

  • No overheating,

  • Variation coefficient value less than 3% with powders according to applications.

Wide opening side inspection doors

  • Quick inner inspection,

  • Quick eventual cleaning.

All kinds of steel finishing

Internal finishing

  • Stainless steel : all types of grains polishing, electropolishing, seamless welding
  • Mild steel : 1 protective coating layer, high wear resistance coating on option.

External finishing :

  • Stainless steel : fine glassbeatshot, protecting coating layer on steel plates
  • Mild steel : primary coating layer, final coating layers


The mixing

remplissage melangeur.JPG

A shorter mixing time

Depending on applications, mixing time is from 10 seconds up to 1 minute to achieve a stabilized mix involving dry material.

Flexible unit batch size

Loading rate from 30% up to 140% of the nominal capacity according to applications without changing operating parameters.

Shearing and dispersal tulip knives

According to applications, possible addition of active shearing and cutting devices even with a 30% loading rate efficiency.

Fluidization and particles movement areas

zone fluidisation melangeur.JPG

Direction of rotating shafts :

  • The different particles are moved up into the central area of interpenetrating paddles by synchronized rotors.

Area A : Mechanical fluidization area :

  • Area for interpenetration of paddles moving downward. Area A is the actual mixing area.

Area B : Circular movement of particles :

  • Zone where particles have a circular and planetary movement and move simultaneously with complex movements in area A.


Twin shafts paddle mixer

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about twin shafts paddle mixers