• Sampler for industrial use (closed view)

  • Sampler for hard access place


  • Robust design for industrial use and high rates: up to 600 samples over 24 hours -365 days/year

  • Made of blasted stainless steel AISI 304L

  • Standar piston made of steel for a very high mechanical durability.

  • Guides provided by PET rings with loaded solid lubricant


Our volumetric sampler is designed for sampling on granular and powdery line. It is moved into a product flow to guarantee a representative sampling. For example, it can be installed on a gravity pipe for products with SW greater than 0.35 without air perturbation.

Equipped with a pneumatic actuated cylinder, our sampler can be supplied with a control box. The confined sample also ensures the operators’ safety.


Dismantling of the pneumatic actuator provides a direct access to the piston,enabling its extraction,cleaning and body cleaning.

The body is made up of two removable parts thus optimizing the accessibility for cleaning.



  • 2006/42/EC machines directive
  • Atex compliance 94/9/CE as an option
  • EC regulation1935/2004 on request

Before sample


The cylinder rod comes out while pushing the piston to the product flow of outward movement is combined with the piston rotation to bring the cavity upward when sampling.


During sample


The product builds up inside the cavity. Once the sample has been done the cylinder goes in while pulling the piston loaded with the product sample with a reverse rotation movement.

After sample


The product flows into an outlet hopper that may be connected directly to the collecting pipe.

Control box

Our control box provides several operation modes :

  • Manual mode: This mode enables you to start a sampling cycle when pressing a push button. After a configurable waiting time the sampler returns to initial position
  • Automatic mode. This mode enables you to launch sampling cycles at regular intervals, adjustable during an overall time which can also be set.

The available settings are provided to operate on :

  • the sampler output time
  • the sampling frequency
  • the sampling cycle time