RME hammermills

  • RME hammermill

  • RME hammermill

  • RME hammermill


  • Two-way rotation

  • Screen exchange when machine stopped

  • Speed 3000 rpm

  • Grinding chamber equipped with grooved armor plates

  • Hammers with high thickness


That hammermill is derived from the RM range.

It has been adapted to meet reliability criteria required by industries whith important surges requiring a very high mechanical and wearing strength (knackery, paper blocks, cakes, cassava roots, etc...).

That type of hammermill is usually fed by a belt conveyor with adjustable speed.

The powder is conveyed by a hopper and a screw conveyor.

The rotor


It consists of a hard steel shaft provided with braced discs supporting hammers machined in a special alloy and treated steel.

These hammers are bored with two holes to work on the 4 angles, and oscillating on supporting axis made of treated hard steel.

The rotor turns on a plummer block housing roller bearings fitted outside the room.

Their lubrication is ensured by automatic autonomous lubricators.

The drive is ensured by a semi-flexible coupling sleeve.


Hammermills type RME

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about hammermills for industries with important surges (knackery, cassava roots, cakes,...)