Revolver distributor

  • Rotary distributor

  • Revolver Distributor type DRVS

  • Rotary distributor with 10 outlet

  • Revolver distributor with feeding by screw conveyor

  • Rotary Distributor

  • Revolver Distributor


That distributor is part of our gravitary handling equipment range to direct one or several granular or powdery product flow.


STOLZ swing distributors has the advantage to insulate each non used outlet and then:

  • Avoid any risk of cross contamination
  • Lower the danger of explosion transfer between circuits

The needle directs the material to one of the outlets by rotating around an axis.

This needle is specifically shaped to improve the flowability and tightness (improved hygien).

For design reasons, all the non used systems are sealed: no intercommunication is possible between circuits (no cross contamination and no danger of explosion transmission).


The STOLZ revolver distributor allow to lower cross contamination and danger of explosion transfer between circuits thanks to the insultation of non used circuits.