RC 500 pellet mill

  • RC 500 pellet mill for shrimp feed

  • 3 rollers pellet mill die for fish feed


Pellet mill specifically designed for the production of pellets with «heavy» density (minerals, shrimp feed).

This robust and long-lasting machine has a reduced maintenance thanks to its slow speed (4.2 m/s) and its 3 rollers.

The main raw materials that con be used are : wheat, broken rice, wheat bran or rice bran, soya meal, lime, fish meals and scale meals, minerals, fish oils, premix, etc...

Oils and molasses can also be used.


The RC 500 pellet mill is not a standard machine for every use, but it is designed for production of feed with small diameter holes dies for aquaculture specific formulas (with super fine grinding on STOLZ RMPF line and turbo sifter, without specific microniser).

The feeding of the RC 500 pellet mill with a CPIS super conditioner meets the current conditioning requirements.

Downstream the RC 500, STOLZ has designed a postconditioner, a specific machine, which improves the quality of the final products before final drying and cooling.


  • Product chute with by-pass flap
  • Flap box under outlet

Safety devices

  • Micro contacts on doors

  • Shearing pin

  • Static magnet

  • Belt slipping control on transmission belts

  • Clogging detection

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram