Pad filters

  • Galvanised bag filter with silencer and air fan

  • Bag filter and turbo sifter : suction on a fine grinding line

  • Galvanized pad filter : suction on cell roof

  • Assembly of bag filters

  • Stainless steel pad filter

  • Bag filter head


  • Limited size for filtering area up to 150 m²
  • Cleaning by counter current compressed air (tank do not require to be proofed again)
  • Filtering pads adapted to the different kinds of products


  • Silo decompression
  • Pneumatic handling
  • Cooling
  • Grinding
  • Bulk pit cleaning
  • Cleaning of dust emission points on handling equipment (inlets, outlets,…)
  • Bags unloading


  • Atex 94/9/CE compliance on demand
  • Compliance to the regulations in force and to specific requests in regard of dust discharge
  • Air tank compliance to the 97/23/CE pressure equipment directive, do not require to be proofed again

Monitoring of filtration processes


Our sequencer is designed to control and monitor the pads and sleeves filters cleaning.

The solenoid valves are inserted into the sequencer.

This device is set according to the required use.

The sequencers are fitted with a ΔP module, controlling the start-up and stop of the cleaning operation. This device saves air and improves filtration.

It is equipped with :

  • High and low ΔP alarms (with relay output)
  • A ΔP threshold and an input for fast running
  • A control of an electric fault
  • An analog output for the remote monitoring of ΔP measurement
  • 2 relay outputs to report faults and control the cleaning.

Solutions anti-explosion risk

  • Use of antistatic medias
  • Installation of explosion vents (to be specified according to: implantation, product KST, capacity,…)
  • Installation of a decoupling valve
  • Reinforcement of the filter
  • Clogging monitoring of the media by measuring the Delta-P
  • Control of the medias state
  • Wastes control
  • Inert gas injection


Pad filters

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about CFP pad filters