LYDERIC Pellet mill

  • Lyderic pellet mill

  • Lyderic pellet mill

  • Lyderic pellet mill


  • Driven by belt

  • Single or dual transmission

  • Robust and reliable

  • High capacities

  • Very good value for money

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Options flexibility


The pellet mill is designed to process a powdery product into pellets through the combined action of heat, moisture, and compression.



  • Product chute with by-pass flap

  • Dual transmission (DT)

  • Special unclogging ring on hollow shaft

  • Flap box under outlet

Safety devices

  • Micro contacts on doors

  • Shearing pin

  • Static magnet

  • Belt slipping control on transmission belts

  • Clogging detection



STOLZ offers a system guaranteeing automation, supervision, and control of the pelleting lines components.

That system is provided with the following capabilities :

  • Formula control,
  • Load and temperature monitoring,
  • Self-adapting variations intensity,
  • Additives injection control,
  • Dies control,
  • Accessibles parameters with password,
  • Loading shapes and regulation can be linked to formulas.
  • Remote maintenance


Pellet mill type LYDERIC

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about LYDERIC pellet mills