Low capacity sleeve filters

  • Low capacity sleeve filter

  • Sleeve filters for silos decompression


That range of sleeve filters has been especially designed to meet the requirement regarding :

  • Silos decompression
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Mixer decompression


The advantage of the cyclonic effect is a pre-separation of the biggest particles that could damage the sleeves.

Because of its more resistant round shape it can resist to pressure-vacuum:

  • Safe installation for Atex zone, protected by explosion vents
  • Pneumatic conveying installation
  • Cleaning units with vacuum pressure
  • Separation of products with high pressure (fine grinding with turbosifter,…)

It can also do a product separation :

  • Fines (premix and micronized powders)
  • Abrasives (minerals or grains)
  • Specific products (starch, chicory, gluten, sunflower cakes, soya, canola)

Dust sensor


The installation of a dust sensor at a cleaning filter outlet can detect an abnormal amount of dust in an air flow.

Some versions can also do a measurement of atmospheric wastes.

In the first case, it can:

  • Detect a damaged filtering media
  • Detect an explosive atmosphere (Atex)

In the second case, it can also check the compliance to the rules relating to dust wastes.