Long residence time horizontal conditioners

  • Long residence time horizontal conditioner

  • Long residence time horizontal conditioner


  • Body heating by electrical wire

  • Body insulating

  • Liquids incorporation

  • Temperature sensors

  • Made with stainless steel


The long residence time horizontal conditioner purpose is to increase the residence time of the heated meal and improve the parameters required to obtain a high quality pelleting results. The processing temperatures range from 60°C to 100°C for a treatment time of 30 seconds up to 6 minutes.

That heat treatment is designed to increase the flow rate on pellet mill and improve pellets durability.

It also kills the pathogenic germs, improves digestibility of products resulting from this process, limits wearing, energy consumption and shrinkage.

The regulated feeding of the pellet mill is carried out via a special valve with adjustable speed.

The screw feeding the conditioner is called “clogging” screw.

Operating principle


The meal is introduced by a special screw (1) which ensures a safe, steady and controlled.

The product then enters the conditioner (2) where the heat treatment carried out by direct steam injection (3), according to parameters are set and according to the product to be treated

The product, introduced by gravity and blended by the rotors (4), undergoes a shearing effect and is stopped at the outlet until the instruction is given by a given temperature and residence time.

The paddles (5) are adjusted to optimise the homogeneity of the residence time, the mixing of the product and the control of the torque absorbed.

Finally the mixture is channeled into a feed chute for extraction (6).


Long life horizontal mixer conditioner (MLD)

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about MLD Long life horizontal mixer conditioner