Hammermill feeder

  • Hammermill feeder type ABMS

  • Hammermill feeder type ABMS

  • Feeding of a RMP hammermill

  • Air flap and magnet on a hammermill feeder

  • Screw for outlet of heavy particles


Placed feeding the machine, this machine has many advantages:

  • Magnetic separator with pneumatic cylinder, automatically operated or remote controlled by an operator.

  • Removal of heavy particles, especially stones and non-ferrous metals.

  • Quality of hammermill feeding leading to the wearing of screens and hammers to be the same all over the rotor length.

  • Increase of the screens and hammers lifetime thanks to a regular and homogeneous feeding.

  • Assembly on the hammermill with silent-block.


The ABMS type hammermill is the result of a long experience acquired by STOLZ company for the last few years

with a strong will to follow the animal feed plant evolution (production, maintenance, automation...).

Feeding the hammermill all over its length and adding cleaning functions to separate metal parts and stones have been the most important developments.

The ABMS feeder is one block unit with a concern for aesthetic, cleanliness, automated separation of the wastes, staff safety thanks to the experience acquired by STOLZ.

Functionnal block diagram

Functional block diagram