Dosing screw

  • Dosing screw for premix raw materials

  • Dosing screw before flour thermal treatment

  • Dosing screw under cells (feedmill)


Beyond the supply of mechanical parts, STOLZ brings you a computer assisted management of your installation, allowing :

  • Management of process, electrical and mechanical parts and safety devices
  • Display of measuring points and faults
  • Management of weighing, automatic calibration of the system
  • Correction with automatic learning based on the weighing differences
  • Rationalization of working and weighing times and idle times between phasis, in order to obtain the best capacity
  • Storage calculation in regard of available quantities before weighing and required quantities for the preset formulas
  • To insert a batch on operator demand
  • To identify the inlet materials by barcode
  • Storage of a traceability over 3 axis : origin and destination of each batch ingredient, path followed by an ingredient, batch of previous and following ingredients that flowed in the circuit.


Dosing allows to improve the accuracy of your formulas. That control over your recipes ensures a constant quality of product, meeting the requirement of your customers and reducing the extra costs of raw materials.

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram