Curved chain conveyors

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Our range of curved chain conveyors with high inclination is convenient and useful for the industries with high explosion risks.

In risk evaluations studies, the installation of curved chain conveyors is preferred for product elevation to standard systems with bucket elevators horizontally fed by belt, screw, or chain conveyors.

Explosion risks are reduced thanks to the slow conveying speeds of chain conveyors. According to the NFEN1127-1 standard at a speed below 1 m/s no spark is produced by a shock between 2 metallic parts. The conveying speeds are usually adjusted between 0.2 and 0.6 m/s for chain conveyors and between 2 to 3 m/s for bucket elevators.


In addition to the technical and legislative aspects, elevators suitable to industries with high explosion risks are costful by reason of their explosion protective systems.

Beside the «Z» curved chain conveyors (the most commonly used), we have also designed the «J» shape conveyors.

One of the advanges to have a single curve instead of 2 is to allow the use of motors with lower power, thus reducing the required power consumption. The upper curve generates significant frictions requiring an increase of motors torque. By removing the upper curve we are also increasing the lifetime of mechanical elements thus subject to less stress.

These advantages will enable our customer to lower their running costs.

Our range has capacities from 20 up to 300 m³/h varying according to inclination.

Curved chain conveyor shape J : 1 curve


Curved chain conveyors with a J share are fitted with a single curve. It allows to lower the installed power while increasing the lifetime of conveyor's mechanical components.

Curved chain conveyor shape Z : 2 curves


Conveyors with a Z shape are fitted with 2 curves. This is the most frequently used shape.


Curved chain conveyors

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about curved chain conveyors