Cryogenic mixer

  • Cryogenic mixer for frozen fruits

  • Cryogenic mixer with nitrogen injection


  • Fast mixing

  • Very good homogenization

  • High quality coating

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Hygienic design


Our range of cryogenic mixers is dedicated to frozen products manufacturers (vegetables and fruit). The principle of the STOLZ double rotor with blades ensures the mixing of several products in a very short time, from 45 to 60 seconds, without adding sauce (when the product is not coated). A possible alteration of the product is very small because 70% of the mass in the mixer is in suspension.

Coating : the particles to be coated flow several times and from every angle under the sauce spray providing a regular coating all over the product. For a coating with spices the same principle applies, a curtain of spices is supplied inside the mixer with a feeding ensured by an electromagnetic vibrating device. Nitrogen injection solidifies the liquid coating and maintains the product at the required temperature.



The product coating percentage can range from 1% up to 25% of the mass inside the mixer.

For 1% to 5% coating a single injection followed by a nitrogen injection is sufficient to solidify the sauce around the particles on a permanent basis. Beyond 5% the coating must be done by alternate sauce and nitrogen injections.

Control of sauce injection :

  • 1st case : injection is controlled via a high precision balance.
  • 2nd case : sauce is weighed, injected, and the weightloss is monitored until the setpoint is reached.

In both cases, injection pressure is between 4 and 5 bars.

STOLZ can supply the pumping device.


Spices percentage can vary from 0.5% to 2% of the mass inside the mixer.

The electromagnetic vibrating device conveying spices is weighed. Spices are injected and weight loss is monitored until the setpoint is reached.


A PT 100 probe is provided to regulate the temperature inside the mixer. Such probe controls the opening or closing of a floating valve.

A gas extractor is included in our supply. It has to be set up outside the building in vertical alignment of the mixer.

In order to ensure a safe control and use of nitrogen, our design is validated by an internationally-known nitrogen producer.



Cryogenic mixers

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about cryogenic mixers