Continuous mixer

  • Stainless steel continuous mixer

  • Bi-rotor continuous mixer


The STOLZ continuous mixer is similar to our ST range of mixers, its specific feature is the capacity to perform a continuous mixing.

This mixer will provide the advantages of an accurate mixing thanks to:

  • Mechanical fluidisation cut down the front dosing variations,
  • No beginning and queue of production not perfectly mixed and adjustable discharging opening,
  • Adjustable average residence time,
  • Control of rotors speed, refilling level, liquid spraying.

Operating principle


Rotors are rotating in opposite directions thus the blades located at the bottom of the casing are moving towards the centre of the machine.

Blades spacing and angle are calculated to ensure that the material to be mixed, in addition to the movement to the centre of the mixer, are moving counter-clockwise and horizontally in periphery of the mixer (when looking from top of the mixer).

While the blades are interlacing the 2 rotors relative positions must be synchronized properly and and a relative angular spacing of 45 degrees of the blades axles has to be maintained.


Continuous mixer

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about continuous mixers