Chain reclaimers

  • Chain reclaimer in sugar flat storage

  • Chain reclaimer for flat storage in oil mill

  • Starting the Chain reclaimer in flat storage silo

  • Chain reclaimer for unloading of flat storage silo

  • Chain reclaimer in grain flat storage cage

  • Automatic mound equalization in flat storage silo

  • Optimization of filling up in flat storage


  • Assisted automated operation

  • Open beam designed to prevent product retention


The chain reclaimer is a machine dedicated to the handling or extracting of bulk granular products in flat storage.

At refilling stage it can be used to optimize the storage capacities through bottom flat equalizing.

At discharging stage it is designed for removing residual heaps.

Safety devices:

  • Autonomous safety devices monitoring
  • Chain reclaimer can be placed in a safety position to give access to storage area


  • ATEX Area 22 on demand


flat storage filling.jpg

A first part of the flat storage is filled up gravitarily.

Filling up


The product heap is scraped by the chain reclaimer to the bottom during storage to optimize the content capacity.


flat storage unloading.jpg

The product is pushed by the chain reclaimer to the chain conveyor by moving from one side to the other one.




Automatism on the machine allows a complete control of :

  • Electric monitoring
  • Automatic cycles control
  • Machine and human safety devices control
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote maintenance



  • Remote control to control product approach and to start up assisted automated cycles

  • Display panel allowing interaction with the machine

  • Profibus network allowing communication between cabinet and beam

  • AS-i network on beam collecting all information from sensors

  • Modem for remote maintenance


Chain reclaimers

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Jul 10, 2013

Brochure about chain reclaimers