Chain conveyors

  • Rounded head top profiles for chain conveyor

  • Chain conveyor with dedusting suction

  • Mechanical handling between grain silos

  • Chain conveyor with rounded moving tensioning casing at foot

  • Chain cleaning system


Improved design

  • Sprocket with dismountable teeth.

  • Block screw pulleys

  • Rationalized chains:

    • Chains including Stolz forged links, with breaking strengths from 22 to 100 T

    • ISO standardized mechanical chains, with breaking strengths from 11 to 31 T

  • Return rails in HMW, and HMW plates every 2 pitches reducing the wear and sound level

  • Limited references for spare parts

Optimized draining

Different possible axis height of pinions and foot pulleys according to the chain type optimizing the conveyor discharge.

Without this system, some chains lift up over a few meters before discharge head preventing a complete discharge of the unit.

The chain trajectory is then adjusted as close as possible to the bottom.

As an option, a rounded casing follows the chain trajectory at foot reducing the product retention.

Safety devices

  • ATEX compliance 94/9/CE on demand

  • Rotation control

  • Clogging detection

  • Product flow detection


A chain conveyor is designed for the handling and extracting of granular and powdery products over a sloped, horizontal or linear trajectory.

Our new range of chain conveyors covers capacities up to 530 m³/h i.e. 400 t/h on cereal base SW 0,75.

The complete range allows capacities up to 1600 m³/h.

For applications not included in this range, our Design Offices are qualified to develop specific conveyors meeting any requirements.

Design for limited product retention

  • Rounded head top profiles
  • Optional rounded moving tensioning casing at foot
  • Adjustment of trajectories according to chain types
  • Bottom replacement valves
  • Complete high Density Polyethylene chains with plates and side polyurethane scrapers
  • Vertical spacers
  • Shaped return rails


Chain conveyors

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about chain conveyors