Centralised cleaning

  • Suction for centralised cleaning network

  • Centralised cleaning piping for a feedmill


  • Cyclofilters
  • Multistage turbine
  • Sealed air lock with pneumatic valves
  • Pneumatic handling type piping with high radius elbow
  • Assembly by bolted coupling without welding
  • Suction inlet with automatic closing flap
  • Cleaning accessories
  • ATEX compliance


Stolz offers centralised cleaning solutions for long distances and with high vacuum pressure.

That system includes a suction turbine with a fixed filter plug to a piping network covering the silo or factory.

It allows an operator to clean by suction without effort and without dust emission in all critical zones.

The wastes are continuously evacuated to the dust flow path or to good product flow path (overflow recovery) without bags, containers or bins handling.

Functional block diagram

Functional block diagram

Centralised cleaning accessories


STOLZ offers a huge number of accessories to build an efficient centralized cleaning system.


Centralised cleaning

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Jul 10, 2013

Brochure about centralised cleaning