Canal barges loading

  • Canal barges loading

  • Canal barge loading

  • Pneumatic loading of canal boat

  • Duct head with ceramic lining

  • Canal barge loading duct


  • Moved by electrical cylinders (hydraulic as an option)

  • Low running cost

  • Quick installation

  • Easy maintenance

  • Smooth movements

  • Low environmental impact (no oil, low noise level)

  • Watertight and dust proof duct with optional ceramic and polyamid lining.

  • Easy replacement of wearing parts (standard components)

  • Remote or wire controlled



  • Driver’s cab

  • Driver’s seat


STOLZ canal boat loading ducts result from our experience of cargo ships loading.

Our canal boat loading duct has been designed to provide a high reliability, a low operating cost and a limited environment impact.

As a standard, they can reach 600 t/h. Our canal boat loading ducts can load barges form Class I (type Feycinet - 250 t) up to Va (type Rhenan - 3000 t).

Canal barge loading

Functional block diagram

Electrical cabinet of automation


The electrical cabinet for loading management is provided to use the equipment in optimum conditions.

Smooth rotation stops and start up management is one of the strongest point of the cabinet ; It also avoids to do quick reversed movements.

Such management lowers the loads on the slewing ring and limits the mechanical strains.

Duct can be driven in 2 ways :

  • Remotely through a wire or remote control
  • Locally, via butons in front of the cabinet ; to replace the remote control.

Such equipment works without hydraulic energy this resulting in a huge energy saving.

The power consumption is limited to the one required for crane movement ; this technology avoids hydraulic units working for nothing and ease the maintenance.