Bucket elevators

  • Bucket elevator for grain silo in Kenya

  • Bucket elevator head for port silo

  • Bucket elevator foot in port silo

  • Bucket elevator head in galvanized steel in biofuel factory

  • Bucket elevator head in port silo

  • Buckets elevators in feedmill

  • Elevators heads in grain silo with suction system

  • Refeeding inlet on bucket elevator

  • Bucket elevator foot

  • Inspection door on bucket elevator leg


  • Protection of the head ejection area a gainst abrasion

  • Adjustable and flexible outlet skirt

  • Dismountable sheath

  • Any type of buckets and belts or chain

  • Possible slow speed for fragile products


A bucket elevator is designed for the handling and extracting of granular and powdery products over a vertical linear trajectory.

Our wide range of standard elevators allows capacities up to 1600 m³/h.

For applications not included in this range, our Design Offices are qualified to develop specific elevators meeting any requirements.


  • Optimized discharging foot

  • Suction intake or built-in dedusting filters

  • Gradual progress for maintenance

  • Feet above ground for easy maintenance

  • Refeeding inlet

Safety devices

  • ATEX compliance 94/9/CE on demand

  • Belt misalignment control

  • Rotation control

  • Clogging detection

  • Product flow detection

Solutions for limited explosion risks


STOLZ solutions to limit explosion risks:

  • Use of antistatic (ISO284) and self-extinguishing (ISO340) belts
  • Fitting of explosion vents (to be specified according to each elevator: installation, capacity, KST product…)
  • Dedusting at feeding inlets and outlets
  • Misalignment belt control
  • Rotation control
  • Bearing temperature control (option)
  • Inert gas injection


Bucket elevators

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Jul 10, 2018

Brochure about bucket elevators