Belt conveyors

  • Belt conveyor in a grain silo

  • 2 belt conveyors in a port silo


  • Pulley and belt scrapers
  • Magnetic protection
  • Automatic or screw tension with counterweight
  • Antistatic (ISO284) and self-extinguishing belts (ISO340)
  • All types of rollers
  • Discharge hopper with 1 or 2 outlets


The belt conveyor is designed for the handling and extracting of the granular and powdery products. The product is handled in a linear way over long distances, horizontally or sloped.

Granular or powdery product handling, fragile products within a range with capacities up to 1600 m3/h.

For applications not included in this range, our Design Offices are qualified to develop specific conveyors meeting any requirements.



  • Protection against bad weather conditions

  • Mobile tripper, 1 or 2 outlets


  • Dedusting filter at feeding inlet or discharge outlet

  • Tripper with built-in dedusting filters

  • Specific scrapers

Safety devices

  • ATEX compliance 94/9/CE on demand

  • Belt misalignment control

  • Rotation control

  • Clogging detection

  • Product flow detection

  • Emergency stop with cable


Belt conveyors

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Jul 10, 2013

Brochure about belt conveyors